Enterprise centered technology solutions

With an expertise in IoT devices, mobile and web development, we provide tailor-made solutions to challenging modern day problems. 


From workflow optimizations to increasing productivity, we offer ideas and solutions that give you an edge. Come to us with your problem and walk away with a finished product.


By harnessing in-house hardware and software development, we build complete, end-to-end solutions to suit any need.


Get a chance to become early adopters of today’s cutting edge technologies. By using IoT, Machine Learning and AI, become a part of the fourth indutrial revolution.

What we do

We build technology solutions for your enterprise problems.

We harness the power of IoT, Hardware Design, Cloud Platforms, Mobile apps, Big Data and much more to provide you with a complete end-to-end product, tailor-made to suit your requirements.

What we are known for

We believe a problem is merely a challenge to be overcome and we excel in finding low-cost, innovative solutions to do so. Our guiding principles and design philosophy ensure that our products are cost-effective, resilient and well designed.

Hardware Development

We sense things around us and take intelligent actions based on them. Want a tiny device capable of running for years on a battery? You got it. Want to add Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, GSM or any other protocol to any existing device? No problem.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in cross-platform application development. All our apps are made to work seamlessly and in sync with our hardware and software. We provide lifetime support systems with bug-fixing and app updates.

Cloud and Server side Development

We help you to host your data on the cloud and access it with ease through a dedicated dashboard.

Machine learning and AI

We help you make sense of your data and draw unique insights, to strengthen your business/es.

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