A revolutionary patient safety system designed for the Indian healthcare sector.



Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) are fatal for patients and costly for hospitals. They account for over two million cases and about 80,000 deaths a year. The five most common HAIs cost USA $9.8 billion annually (Source: CDDEP).


Most HAIs are caused due to a lack of compliance with infection control guidelines, such as hand hygiene and use of outdated technology.


Introducing Saaf:

World's first fully automated system built to track Hand Hygiene Compliance.

No RFID tags or Badges

All existing solutions rely on BADGES/TAGS required to be worn by healthcare workers.

All we need is a phone in the pocket.

No infrastructural modifications

We do not need any plug points or additional space for our devices.

We don't require your WiFi to function.

A single bedside device

Most solutions available today require multiple hardware devices.

We on the other hand, only require a small physical device, which works wirelessly and is battery operated.

Proudly made in India

We are based, built and born in India and have built the solution keeping in mind the constrains of the Indian healthcare sector.

A powerful list of features:

  • Track hand hygiene compliance metrics of healthcare workers in real time.
  • Get hand hygiene reminders when a doctor is near the patient.
  • Get actionable data segregated on the basis of clinician, department, time and place of visit through an admin dashboard.
  • Log doctor visits automatically.
  • Get list of patients for the day through mobile application.
  • Automate billing.
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Hand hygiene moments captured.

Average rating of doctors when asked: “Do you think this device/technology will have a positive impact in terms of improving the compliance to hand hygiene by doctors?”

Successful pilot testing completed at a leading private hospital in India.

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