What we do

We believe in finding innovative solutions to meaningful problems. We interact extensively with industry experts and stakeholders to get a perfect picture of the challenge, post which we go through multiple rounds of prototyping and iterations to ensure optimal functionality with assured quality and the lowest possible cost to customer. 

All throughout we ensure that our products are scalable and are designed keeping DFM guidelines in mind. Through our tie ups with manufacturing partners, we ensure that the lead time from ideation to product is kept short.

Embedded Hardware

Our in house hardware experts love getting their hands dirty. From quick breadboard prototypes to completely fabricated multi-layer PCBs, we cater to all your needs.

We can work with an array of wireless technologies depending on the required use case such as Bluetooth, GSM, WiFi, Zigbee, NFC, Thread etc.

We specialize in Bluetooth Low Energy development and low power devices that can run for multiple years.

App development

Our talented software developers create apps for both iOS and Android. We specialize in native code (Swift, Objective C, Kotlin and Java) as well as cross platform languages such as Flutter and React Native. 

Our in house UI/UX specialists ensure that the apps are intuitive and minimalist.

We specialize in developing IoT based apps that harness seamless connectivity with physical devices as well as with web services.

Web and cloud development

We develop API endpoints, databases and dashboards to make sure you receive the data the way you want it and whenever you want it.

Our team has worked with Google Cloud Services and AWS in the past for cloud services and NoSQL, MongoDB etc for database services.

Security is of prime importance to us and we guarantee data integrity and protection at every step.

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